Oral Administration of Vitamin C, Cimetidine and Famotidine on Micronuclei Induced by Low Dose Radiation in Mouse Bone Marrow Cells

A Naeeji, H Mozdarani, A Shabestani Monfared, F Faeghi, A A Ahmadi, M Gholami, R Behzadi, M R Momtaz



Background: In many studies, chemicals and natural materials were tested to reduce the harmful effects of radiation. It is known that Famotidine and vitamin C reduce DNA damage.
Objective: The aim of this study was to evaluate the radioprotective effect of vitamin C, Cimetidine and Famotidine on gamma-radiation-induced damage on mouse bone marrow. 
Methods: Six-to-seven week male NMRI mice (28 g ±3) were randomly divided into fourteen groups: control, 2Gy irradiation, six group drugs without irradition (Famotidine, Cimetidine, vitaminC, Fam-Cim, Fam-Vit, Cim-Vit), six groups received drugs and 2Gy radiation with a 60Co |γ|-ray source at room temperature 22 ± 2 °C. The mice were killed 48 hours after irradiation by cervical dislocation. Slides were prepared from bone marrow cells and stained in May-Granwald and Giemsa. Finally, the cells were counted with microscope, frequencies of polychromatic erythrocyte (PCE), normochoromatic erythrocyte (NCE) and their micronuclated cell were recorded. PCE / PCE + NCE were calculated. 
Results: There were significant differences of MNPCE/1000PCE, MNNCE/1000NCE and PCE/PCE+NCE among different groups with similar radiation doses (p≤0.01). Moreover, there were significant differences of MNPCE/1000PCE and PCE/PCE+NCE among different doses of radiation (p≤0.01). While considering MNNCE/1000NCE, there were no significant differences among silimar groups with radiation dose (p˃0.05).
Conclusion: Oral administration of Famotidine, vitamin C and Cimetidine demonstrate reliable and similar radioprotective effects. Additionally, the protective effect of single use of these drugs was similar to the combination form. Thus, the oral use of combination, 48 hours after irradiation cannot induce more radioprotective effect.




Micronuclei, Radiation, Radioprotection, Cimetidine, Vitamin C, Famotidine

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