Monte Carlo Study of Unflattened Photon Beams Shaped by Multileaf Collimator

A Kajaria, N Sharma, Sh Sharma, S Pradhan, A Mandal, L M Aggarwal


Introduction: This study investigates basic dosimetric properties of unflattened 6 MV photon beam shaped by multileaf collimator and compares them with those of flattened beams.

Materials and Methods: Monte Carlo simulation model using BEAM code was developed for a 6MV photon beam based on Varian Clinic 600 unique performance linac operated with and without a flattening filter in beam line. Dosimetric features including lateral profiles, central axis depth dose, photon and electron spectra were calculated for flattened and unflattened cases, separately.

Results: An increase in absolute depth dose with a factor of more than 2.4 was observed for unflattened beam which was dependent on depth. PDDs values were found to be lower for unflattened beam for all field sizes. Significant decrease in calculated mlc leakage was observed when the flattening filter was removed from the beam line. The total scatter factor, SCP was found to show less variation with field sizes for unflattened beam indicating a decrease in head scatter. The beam profiles for unflattened case are found to have lower relative dose value in comparison with flattened beam near the field edge, and it falls off faster with distance.

Conclusion: Our study showed that increase in the dose rate and lower peripheral dose could be considered as realistic advantages for unflattened 6MV photon beams.


Monte Carlo Simulation, Flattening Filter Free Beams, Multileaf Collimator

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